After a very successful Phase 1 – Re-Opening, we will be progressing to Phase 2 next week on June 1st. We will keep many of our new policies and procedures in place, but will also begin to progress others.

Upon Entering

  1. Wash hands prior to entering
  2. Temperature check
  3. New clients only need waiver and screening form

Once Inside

  1. Sanitizing stations are available throughout the facility
  2. Showers will be available
  3. Lobby is open with limited capacity and social distancing
  4. We will allow Free Sessions
  5. We will provide towels
  6. No drinking from water fountains. They will continue to be used to refill bottles only.
  7. Masks are available for clients, visitors and staff free of charge

Facility Layout

  1. 4 training zones will remain
  2. No more than 8 clients per coach


  1. Clients will be responsible for wiping down equipment
  2. Staff will be fogging facility twice per day
  3. Constant cleaning throughout the day

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