A Multi-Discipline Approach To Corporate Wellness

If you truly want a corporate wellness program to be successful you have to find different entry points for the employees. Ultimately, the overall objective of a wellness program is to create  behavior change, and in order to make change you have to spark engagement. We want to see people taking that initial step. Our multi discipline approach is through Education, Nutrition, and Movement. It’s important to note that we have seen the most success when all disciplines are provided by the same entity that speaks the same language.

Why the multi discipline approach? Most companies think of starting fitness programs, but the reality is most people are not ready for that. Some may be, but that’s definitely not the majority. Some people may be more interested in just talking about making change, where others may just want to hear about change.

Our Education is delivered by our Behavior Change Specialists through presentations centered around an individual’s full life, from what they eat, to how they feel about work, to finding ways to reduce stress. A successful wellness program is driven by a supportive Behavior Change system for employees that improves participation in the other offerings.

What does a corporate Nutrition program really look like? We see time after time that individual nutrition consults are less about nutrition and more about the support system. Our Nutrition program is about learning sustainable, progressive habits to promote positive lasting change. It compliments what is being delivered in our Behavior Change presentations, and eventually guides people towards Movement.

Why Movement and not Fitness? Fitness comes in many different forms, and we are trying to create engagement. Our movement program is designed to motivate and guide those who are just getting started, and also challenge and assist those who are experienced fitness enthusiasts. Small change is sustainable and can grow into something much larger. Our Movement specialists understand the journey and speak the same language as our other mentioned disciplines.

When companies support all three disciplines we see a 40-60% engagement rate. If any of our services are used without the support of the others our engagement drops significantly. This drop is also true when companies try to provide multiple disciplines through different providers.

Whether you are trying to get someone to think differently or to start moving for the first time it is important to provide your team with a multi-discipline approach.

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