Wellness in the Workplace: Schools, Health Systems, Attorneys

By: Will Hitzelberger

As a company we are entering our twelfth year of business in Human Performance. What is Human Performance? Nike defines Athlete as: anyone who has a body. To us, Human Performance is helping Every Body. With a motto of Train For Life, it is our mission to make sure your body works as efficiently and pain free as possible for whatever Your Life consists of- from high performance athletics and executives, all the way to youth athletes and parents who want to be able to be active with their kids.

Traditionally, we think of the workplace as a very corporate setting where people show up, sit all day, look at a computer, talk on the phone, eat a poor lunch, and repeat day after day, week after week, year after year. Wellness in the workplace is not a new concept; however, it is growing at a steady pace. Here are a few different avenues that wellness is being delivered on within corporations:

1. Online Platforms – These typically provide workouts, tips, nutritional guidance, education, tracking, point systems, etc.
2. Local Gym Memberships – These provide opportunities for employees to engage in a fitness option on their own
3. Premium Integrated System – An on-site, systematic wellness team that provides Movement, Nutrition, and Education catered to each company’s specific needs and environment

More and more research is supporting the last option- noting a substantial increase in employee engagement compared to the other available platforms. At SPECTRUM, we are speaking and contracting with traditional companies using this model. However, the goal of this blog is to identify other “workplaces” where employers could provide wellness solutions for their employees.

1. Schools: Teachers and school administrators are some of the most influential people in our next generation’s lives. We provide Strength and Conditioning coaches to schools for their student athletes- so, why aren’t our schools providing Performance Coaches and Nutritionists for the faculty? The resources are there (space, equipment, showers, cafeteria, etc.)
2. Health Systems (Hospitals, Orthopedics, Doctors Offices, etc): Again, a very influential sector that is typically very unhealthy. Most of these operations have the financial ability to support on-site, wellness initiatives for their staff- and in order for the staff to properly take care of others, these facilities must utilize effective ways for the staff members to properly take care of themselves.
3. Attorneys: An environment that is generally consumed with billing per hour, working without breaks, and grabbing fast-food lunches on the run, has created the perfect environment for a very unhealthy industry. Not all law firms are necessarily big enough to support a fully integrated wellness solution, but providing a full-service, off-site solution could do wonders for this demographic.

These are just a few examples of the vast array of industries that could benefit from a premium integrated wellness platform. However, the fact is that Every Body in the workplace needs to consider the best option to improve the quality of work, and overall life, for employees. If you are interested in hearing more information on how the SPECTRUM way could benefit your workplace, we are ready to talk with you. Contact us today to begin the process of helping your company discover optimal performance as we all Train For Life.

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