By: Steve Yahns, MS, CSCS, NASM-PES Assistant Director of Performance, Lead Methodology Educator Spectrum Sports Performance "How to" Develop Explosive Agility, Part 3: Crossover

Looking to steal more bases? Run a faster 5/10/5? Or be able to turn and run like a beast?? Focus pushing off the inside leg (the direction you are running), and not just spinning in place, and then running. An aggressive, powerful push can gain valuable distance while running, and ultimately you will have less distance to run!!! Who doesn’t want that?? It’s also important to drive the outside arm to help turn the body, and drive the inside knee to strike the ground with force while crossing over. Hint: do all of this with a little bit of anger, and you will morph into an angry runner…….that’s a good place to be.

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