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SSP Workshops

The SSP Workshop Program introduces you to the training components of the SSP Methodology. Trainers, coaches and therapists will learn to bridge the gap of text to application in athletic performance with a hands-on learning experience.
  • Phase 1: Performance Workshop – Applied Methodology PDF 
  • Phase 1: “Bridging the Gap Between Sports Medicine and Sports Performance” PDF  
  • Custom Workshops Available (Sport, Teams, Clubs, School, Organization)  

Phase 1: Performance Workshop – Applied Methodology
Cost $199

An elite training program designed to specifically address the key concepts of enhancing athletic performance, as well as overall, high-level fitness.  The SSP Phase 1: Performance Workshop is geared towards professionals in the field of sports performance, strength and conditioning, personal training, athletic training and physical therapy, who desire to expand their applied knowledge on the vast spectrum of correcting movement imbalances, speed and agility, movement skills, and strength and conditioning. At the Phase 1 Performance Workshop you will receive a practical and applied approach to train athletes speed and agility as an integrated unit.



  • NSCA .8
  • NASM .8
  • BOC 8
  • Brochure PDF
  • Schedule and Agenda PDF
  • Registration PDF

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