Press Release: SPECTRUM and RockHard Fitness Collaboration

ORLANDO, FLORIDA, MAY 17, 2023 – SPECTRUM Performance is excited to announce the launch of our new service: Group Lift. This service was initiated by the collaboration with our neighbors RockHard Fitness led by Max Dunley. We are unifying two companies that have a shared goal of improving the performance and wellness of our clients and this community. While the industry is the same, SPECTRUM Performance’s and Rockhard Fitness’ services targeted different sectors of this industry. Uniting our services under one roof will enhance the offerings we provide and expand our impact across our communities. 

Rockhard Fitness brings 10 years experience in the Group Fitness arena of Central Florida. Max has developed a Fitness Community that offers 10 classes per day and over 50 classes per week. His mission of community and wellness aligns directly with SPECTRUM’s mantra of ‘Train for Life’. From the first day Rockhard started integrating in our facility, we quickly realized the amazing community they have developed over the last 10 years. 

SPECTRUM is a human performance center that offers Sports Performance Training for athletes, Customized Fitness Training for adults, and Physical Therapy for those with injuries. Replacing our Bootcamps with ‘Group Lift’ is a win win. Not only are we able to offer significantly more time slots and classes, we have also added an entire new strength training area in our performance center. 

“I want to personally welcome Max and his entire following as they join SPECTRUM Performance. Over the last month we have enjoyed seeing new faces and meeting other people committed to a healthier lifestyle. I’m looking forward to the future of this collaboration and the incredible synergies that exist.” – Will Hitzelberger

For more about SPECTRUM Fitness and our Group Lift Schedule click here

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