One thing comes to mind… POWER. A game all about speed and power. How high can you jump, how hard can you hit, and how quick can you cover the court.


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Volleyball Program

SSP not only continues to develop volleyball players that play at the top programs around the country, but we continue to see our players earning National Championships and All-American awards.
Through our systematic approach SSP volleyball players learn the following:

  • ABSOLUTE POWER – Get up and crush the ball for Middles and outside hitters
  • KINETHETIC AWARENESS & RAPID GATHERING FROM POOR POSITIONS – for those defensive specialist and setters.
  • STRENGTH & CORE – to prepare the body for the rigorous demands and overuse of jumping and hitting.
  • ENERGY SYSTEM DEVELOPMENT – make sure you have what takes to last match after match, game after game, tournament after tournament.

Performance Training Components

  • Speed: teach mechanics specific to acceleration and agility
  • Strength: coordinating multi-planar and functional movements to support your performance throughout the season.
  • Power: ability to produce maximal power through all planes of movement.
  • Body Composition: body fat, lean muscle mass, and weight monitoring
  • Pre, During, Post Supplementation to ensure optimal performance during training sessions and competition.
  • Educate athletes on how to fuel their body throughout an entire season and maximize their performance potential for all training sessions and competition.
  • Functional Movement Screen to evaluate muscular imbalances and strength deficiencies
  • Corrective Exercise Prescription to eliminate poor compensation patterns and increase efficiency.
  • Emphasize mobility to facilitate career longevity.
  • Sports Massage Therapy to enhance soft tissue mobilization
  • Hydrotherapy to enhance the recovery process and maximize future performance.
  • Education on advanced recovery techniques before and after training sessions and competitions.