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We all need a push sometimes to get us moving in the direction we want to go. If you are looking for somewhere to help you reach a fitness goal like lose weight, gain muscle, improve overall stamina, or just feel more energized, come try a session at SSP. Our highly trained staff will assess you and provide specialized training to help you reach your goals.

My wife has been working out at SSP for the last 4 months and has thoroughly enjoyed the time spent there. She has gotten in great shape, lost weight, increased energy levels, and gained her confidence back. She is now more relaxed and happier than I have seen her in the last 20 years. She has always liked to work out but gets that added benefit at SSP of having someone push her to new physical levels every week. She has worked extremely hard and is almost at the personal weight and measurements she wants to be at. None of the clothes she had four months ago fit any longer and she has enjoyed buying smaller newer items. Her trainer Ryan, has created a monster in the fact that she now plans her day around getting her SSP time in.