There may not be a season in sports that requires more preparation and maintenance. Equip yourself with the proper tools to excel and not break down.

Mike Freeman

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Baseball Program

Our Baseball specific program emphasizes the key components of power, rotation and explosive movements. Whether it’s improving your body composition, flexibility, strength, or speed, our team of specialists will design an individualized performance strategy aimed to improve your baseball performance. Baseball Performance Training with SSP will help take your game to the next level, whether you are already at the top, in minor league system, or a potential draft pick.

Donahue1They understood my goals and ambitions and have worked with me 5 days a week to get me ready for the Spring…I will be starting my first full professional season with knowledge of training and nutrition that I never had before. I’m very grateful for everything everyone at SSP has done for me and I’m looking forward to maintaining the relationship we have built.

– Tucker Donahue
Toronto Blue Jays, 4th Round Draft Pick
MLB / MiLB Program


Our customized programs assess the needs of each individual athlete that allows us to develop the most appropriate training system and combine it with a nutritional strategy to reach optimal results. After assessing an athlete, our specialists will determine muscular imbalances and strength deficiencies and design an individualized program that enhances efficient and powerful movements necessary for their specific position.

SSP has been part of my training from when I played in
college and into my professional career. They
encompass everything from speed and strength training,
to massage, nutrition and even rehab.

– Kent Matthes
Colorado Rockies, 4th Round Draft Pick


Our integrated team of specialists will design and implement baseball specific programs for teams and players performing at the top level. Our team of Performance Specialists, Orthopedics, Massage Therapists and Nutritionists combine their expertise to develop a performance strategy that will optimally prepare each player for their position to ensure total team dominance.

Thanks to SSP I have had the best season of my career leading the minor leagues in stolen bases. I also moved from Single-A, to Double-A, to Triple-A in one season.

– Tyson Auer
LA Angels


The SSP system consists of performance training, nutrition, injury prevention and regeneration. This optimal system allows our athletes to consistently gain an athletic edge over the competition. We implement individualized corrective exercise strategies that will reduce injury potential and increase career longevity. Our ability to integrate speed, power and conditioning, and combine it with advanced nutrition and recovery techniques will enhance our athletes’ baseball performance.

Performance Training Components for Baseball


  • Speed: teach mechanics specific to acceleration and agility
  • Strength: coordinating multi-planar and functional movements to support your performance throughout the season.
  • Power: ability to produce maximal power through all planes of movement.


  • Body Composition: body fat, lean muscle mass, and weight monitoring
  • Pre, During, Post Supplementation to ensure optimal performance during training sessions and competition.
  • Educate athletes on how to fuel their body throughout an entire season and maximize their performance potential for all training sessions and competition.

Injury Prevention

  • Functional Movement Screen to evaluate muscular imbalances and strength deficiencies
  • Corrective Exercise Prescription to eliminate poor compensation patterns and increase efficiency.
  • Emphasize mobility to facilitate career longevity.


  • Sports Massage Therapy to enhance soft tissue mobilization
  • Hydrotherapy to enhance the recovery process and maximize future performance.
  • Education on advanced recovery techniques before and after training sessions and competitions.
TUCKER DONAHUE – Toronto Blue Jays, MIKE FREEMAN – Arizona Diamondbacks, NICK GOODY – New York Yankees, RONNIE RICHARDSON – San Diego Padres, TYSON AUER – LA Angels, KENT MATTHES – Colorado Rockies, ROBBIE ANSTON – Seattle Mariners, BJ RICHMOND – Philadelphia Phillies, KEVIN CARKEEK – Houston Astros, CORREY WHITING – Traverse City Beach Bums, DAVE NATHANSON – Pensacola Pelicans