M&D Lacrosse – Fall Sports Performance Training

By: Daniel Sharvit

Over the previous month with the M&D Lacrosse we worked on a range of movement skills and strength such as speed, agility, quickness, cardio, and upper & lower body power. The goal of the month was to continue to provide tools that allows the players to mover better and faster on the field, combined with improving their conditioning and overall strength.

Each week we had one speed focused day and another agility or change of direction day. The speed days involved drills centered mainly around acceleration – breakaway speed. In a sport like lacrosse that first 5-10 yards is crucial in getting away from a defender or not letting your opponent run by you. We like to create a competitive environment and apply the sprint technique to the end of each session with some type of racing.

On the agility days we put them through a series of multi-directional changes they may encounter on the field. Their work included lateral shuffles, cross-over cuts, and jab steps. Working on the angles and ability to absorb force to better prepare them for the game time situations.

Lastly, we use a series of plyometrics and full body strengthening exercises to help reinforce these movement patterns we are working on. We had a great 4 weeks and look forward to seeing these athletes again soon.

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