Why Are YOU Really Working Out?

By Will Hitzelberger

Elevate Your Heart Rate!!!

I once heard that someone who goes to the gym for an hour only does about 10 minutes worth of actual work. Have you seen those people on the “cardio” machines every freakin day and never make any change? What about those who just want to get “toned?” 99.99% of our adult clientele will tell you that they want to lose fat. Now some may want to gain muscle or size, while others want to lose weight all together. With this said, it’s time to get your heart rate up.

This Is Going to Hurt?

There is no Fat Burning zone!!! We are not here to argue or make a big to do about that, but more importantly want you to realize you have to go hard. What does that mean? Push yourself, progressively. Really elevate your heart rate (disclaimer: with you doctor’s permission of course). Go harder, do as many as you can, go longer, be uncomfortable.

Do You Really Want to Make Change?

Working out twice a week is 8 times in 30 days. That’s a waist of time if you’re not doing something else. Even if you are working out 4 days per week we really encourage people to find other opportunities throughout the day to sneak in heart rate elevation. It doesn’t have to be a trip to the gym. Take 10-20 minutes and run some sprints down your street. Get on your bike and haul ass. Punch a punching bag. Chase your kids. Elevate multiple times a day.

So if you started working out to see improvement and make change… then I challenge you to do just a little bit more. It will be the game changer. Good Luck!

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