Quarantine Habits to Keep

By: Ashley Meyers

We all know that staying at home comes with its own set of challenges. Over the period of being quarantined, we all had different scenarios. Same storm, but all in different boats. Some of us continued to work, while others were out of work. Some worked, managed the household, and became 2nd and 5th grade teachers overnight.

Although this has been a difficult and trying time, it is clear that humans are resilient and highly adaptable. Coming out of self-isolating and the community being “shut down”, there are various habits that were developed during quarantine that could be beneficial to keep!  

Spending more time outside. It was no surprise to see so many people outside (stir crazy has a whole new definition). Continue to prioritize being outdoors to enjoy nature, less screen time and increase levels of Vitamin D. Florida in June can be brutal, but the benefits of sweat may outweigh the uncomfortableness. Did you know that sweat helps promote healthy circulation of blood and can even help boost immunity? Continue to get your sweat on – Just make sure to replenish with water and hydrating foods such as fruits and veggies!

Moving Differently. With gyms being closed and finding equipment being as easy as finding a needle in a haystack, we were forced to move our bodies in a different way. Walking, rollerblading, tossing a frisbee back and forth – we made movement happen. Although the time away from the gym was a little too long for many, continue to find different ways to move – your body will appreciate it. This summer, challenge yourself to incorporate new movement into your daily routine. Find a new trail, spend more time on the paddle board or kayak, and never stop being a child at heart when it comes to moving.

Creativity with Food. Ditch the grazing and overeating but keep the creativity! Continue to try new recipes and use what’s leftover in the fridge before venturing out to the grocery store. With restaurants opening back up, be mindful of reintroducing too much fast food or out to eat dinners.

Being Present. Without question, we spent more time with our family and loved ones. As many challenging moments that you may have encountered, there is an opportunity to be grateful for others – the family dinners, movie nights, days out on the boat, etc. Continue to find time to cherish the moments with your spouse, siblings, or children.

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