To athletes and parents of athletes, we know this is a crazy time filled with uncertainty. New school situations, social restrictions, pretty much an altered reality in every way over the last few months.  And sport is no exception. We don’t know how sports practices, games, and seasons are going to be affected by this pandemic. But if and when you are allowed back with your teams and coaches, there are some major considerations.

1. HOW MUCH HAVE YOU BEEN DOING? We are sure you have been doing something during this time off. How much of that something, at what intensity, and how close that resembles the practices and games your body was used to enduring will have a big effect when things start back up. You are young, which means you can get away with a lot, but going from binge-watching Netflix to 4 days a week of hard practices and games is a big shock. Coming back too quickly with too high intensity is a recipe for overuse and stress-related injuries. It is important to be progressive when you get back to it. If that isn’t an option and you will be going back to full practices and training volume, you need to be working now to acclimate your body.

2. WHAT STATEMENT DO I WANT TO MAKE?  We know this time off is creating gaps. The question is what side of the gap are you going to be on.  There are those who are spending time honing their skills, working out, doing some type of training to better themselves. Others have used it as a complete vacation from sport, and then there is everything in-between.  Wherever in this spectrum you fall, there are going to be some glaring differences between those who have consciously tried to improve and those who have not.  Most seasons won’t start back up until the Fall, so there is time to choose which side of the gap you want to stand.

3. IS IT SAFE?  As with every industry navigating this time, we are putting many procedures in place to offer the safest environment for our staff and clients as possible. Our cleaning protocols, posted safety measures, and reorganized facility layout are some of the things we have altered to enhance the safety of our facility. Phase 1: Re-Opening, Phase 2: Next Steps

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