Working From Home Tips

By: Ashley Meyers

Working from home can be challenging, in many ways. The kitchen is near, the kids need you, the laundry still needs to get switched over… sound familiar? If you did not already know the definition of chaos, or what it feels like, we all do now! Check out 3 tips from our Nutrition Coach, Ashley, to help stay on track while working from home, or in a new environment.

Hydrate! Now is not the time to drink less water.

– Keep a water bottle in plain sight. Having to venture off from the computer to take a sip is not efficient, or effective.

– Set a reminder on your phone to take 3-4 BIG gulps every 30 minutes. You may use the restroom more, but it is probably closer than the restroom at the office – plus, you will get a few extra steps.

Have an Eating Plan.  Am I hungry, or just bored?

– If you typically eat breakfast, lunch and dinner with a few snacks during a normal workday, aim to do the same now.

– Although at home, and the kitchen is easy access, continue to meal prep your snacks so they can be a quick grab, rather than spending extra time in the kitchen.

– When having a snack, be strategic! Protein and healthy fats keep us full, for longer. Pair an apple with almond butter or add sliced cheese to the crackers.

Take a Break! Get up and move.

– Set a reminder on your phone or calendar for every 2 hours to get up and move. Ex: Do a few air squats, walk around the block, or take a call outside to soak up some sun rays. Every little bit counts.

– Take a 5-10 minute walk after each meal or snack.  The emails can wait and a little movement may help spark the creative juices, or tackle that email you were having trouble crafting.

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