Dr. Rachel Jakubowski Coming Full Circle with SPECTRUM


September 9, 2019

In 2014, SPECTRUM was making moves. We were moving into a new and bigger facility, but more importantly we were evolving into a Human Performance Center. We knew we wanted to add Physical Therapy to our services, but not just any Physical Therapy. We had a very focused plan of what we were looking for. We did not want a clinical setting where clients sat on modalities. We wanted something special. We wanted the best therapists that could deliver unmatchable therapy, and truly help patients. We needed someone who knew our Performance model with Sports and Fitness. We wanted a Center where families could come for everything: fitness for the parents, sports performance for their kids, nutrition for them both, and therapy for prevention/treatment of injuries.

It didn’t take long for us to realize that Rachel Jakubowski was the perfect person to launch physical therapy at SPECTRUM.

Rachel went to school and played soccer at Trinity Prep High School, which was where we launched SPECTRUM back in 2005. During her time there, she became one of our athletes in her pursuit of playing collegiate soccer. She achieved her goal and earned a scholarship to play soccer at the University of South Florida. After two seasons Rachel transferred to Rollins College, where SPECTRUM runs the Strength and Conditioning program. Rachel would spend the next two years again training under the SPECTRUM methodology, but now in the collegiate setting. After graduating, Rachel then pursued a professional soccer career in Germany, in which she turned to SPECTRUM once again for her preparation.

Upon retiring from soccer, Rachel was redirecting her strong passion for sports into Physical Therapy. She had taken her relentless efforts and commitment and put them towards earning a doctorate in Physical Therapy. During this time, she completed our 12-week Sports Performance Internship program. She stayed in touch after she temporarily moved to Indiana to complete a prestigious 15-month Sports Residency Program.

Though we had her in mind for some time, the timing of her return was absolutely perfect. After completing her doctorate and earning her Sports Certified Specialist (SCS) she got back to Orlando just as we were moving into our new facility in Baldwin Park. Together we knew it was time for us to launch our Physical Therapy department. The launch could not have been more seamless as we finally had complete integration of our services. Since the launch, whether a current or potential client is pursuing general fitness, looking to play collegiate sports, returning from injury, or preventing future injuries, the transition from one of our services to another is now completely seamless. Rachel has proved to be the perfect PT for our goals we set many years ago, as her drive and passion have continually yielded results and her personality makes her a joy to be around each day. We couldn’t be prouder to have brought her up through our program and call her one of our own.

By: Brittany Alvarado

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