SSP-Coach-Will-HitzelbergerBy: Will HitzelbergerPresidentSPECTRUM, Inc

In 2014 I began the year strong in regards to blogging. As most of you know, we moved into a new facility about 6 months ago. The logistics and time demands took me away from blogging; however when I should have been documenting all the valuable lessons that came along with the big move. Regardless, I am back.

I have now spent a year working with the Jamaican Women’s National Football Team. During the past three months I have spent the majority of my time traveling the Caribbean for qualification tournaments which have provided even more opportunities for excellent blog material.

I am looking forward to sharing stories about the immense project of rebranding and the aggressive drive of our Corporate Performance Division. These were such positive changes to our business and we would love to share the process with you.

Hear about how we handled losing our General Manager who had been with us for the last five years, and held three critical positions for SPECTRUM. That was a challenge to say the least.

And of course, I am sure I will throw in some controversial blogs such as “It’s Not the Kids Fault, It’s the Parents.” Those are always a reader’s favorite.

Finally, feel free to share with us any interests or topics you want to hear more about. We can discuss anything from speed training to traveling internationally with 30 people, or how we find great coaches. The sky is the limit.

Until next time,

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