Recognizing Successful Practices

By: Will HitzelbergerWhat did you do? Re-create it!

This is something I have been talking to athletes about for years, but it recently came up in a discussion with a couple of professional athletes.

Why did you have such a great performance?

There is nothing better than having a great game, great tournament, or even a great season. Sports Psychologists talk about being “in the zone.” Athletes that are “in the zone” the most consistently are the ones that make it the furthest.

But what was it that made you feel so awesome that day? Was it what you ate or didn’t eat? Was it how much sleep you got? Was it multiple meals or hydration leading up to the event? Was it the workout a couple of days ago? The great practice or maybe even how you warmed-up?

This is where I tell athletes to capture what they do leading up to these great moments.

If you have a career best season, what did you do in your off-season? The same question needs to be addressed after an awful season.

How do you re-create greatness?

Our sports nutritionist works with athletes on proper pre, during and post nutrition to help develop optimal performance. But everyone is a little different.

In college I learned that half a peanut butter and jelly sandwich on wheat bread was the perfect energy source for me about one hour before a game. I struggled with certain meals a couple of hours before competition, but when I figured out my PB&J secret it made pre-game nutrition very simple. I also learned that chewing gum while I played helped me to avoid getting cotton mouth, which mentally helped me through a game.

Ok, so that is an example of a pre and during game routine that worked for me.

If you’re a professional athlete and you have one of your best seasons ever, or receive exceptional recognitions, you have to ask yourself WHY? Did you train harder than you ever have during that off-season? Did you train smarter? Did you train with someone specific? Did you focus on nutrition?


Remember the professional athletes are the ones who perform great the most consistently.

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