SSP has developed an incredible relationship with Sport Galaxy, a specialized management consultancy that has partnerships within the sporting genre to help in the progression of sport development. Sport Galaxy has recognized the importance of performance training not only for athletic enhancement, but also for career longevity. This summer, Sport Galaxy has sent three French Soccer players who are spending every waking minute training to sign a professional contract in Europe.

spectrum sports performance

Our goal will be to get all of our clients to start working with SSP in order to make them better athletes first, as we believe in making athletes first before any technical or tactical training. –Sport Galaxy

Their training regiment has consisted of morning training for about two hours with the Orlando City Pro team on the field, followed by a lunch and potential nap, and then ending the day with another 2 hour training session at SSP.

spectrum sports performance

We have taken a very systematic approach with these players incorporating training, massage, and nutrition to ensure optimal recovery for the next training session. These guys are young and hungry to become professionals, which makes training them very exciting. —Dan Schuck, SSP

spectrum sports performanceSport Galaxy is based out of England and specializes in :

  • athlete management
  • playing contracts and transfers
  • commercial agreements
  • sponsorship promotion and marketing
  • image rights
  • media rights
  • disciplinary and regulatory matters
  • immigration for non EEA nationals
  • civil and criminal liability arising from playing

We are very excited to be working with such a first class organization. When a sport management company recognizes the importance of performance training for their clients, it creates a great relationship throughout. — Will Hitzelberger, SSP

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