• Phase 2: Next Steps
    PHASE 2: NEXT STEPS After a very successful Phase 1 – Re-Opening, we will be progressing to Phase 2 next week on June 1st. We will keep many of our new policies and procedures in place, but will also begin to progress others. Upon Entering Wash hands prior to entering Temperature check New clients only need waiver and screening form Once Inside Sanitizing stations are available throughout the facility Showers
    ATHLETES NEED TO EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED To athletes and parents of athletes, we know this is a crazy time filled with uncertainty. New school situations, social restrictions, pretty much an altered reality in every way over the last few months.  And sport is no exception. We don’t know how sports practices, games, and seasons are going to be affected by this pandemic. But if and when you are allowed back
    NAVIGATING RE-OPENING As Florida began to re-open, we knew our industry was going to be opening soon. We wanted to be ready. We reached out to a number of people in the sport performance and fitness industry, as well as a number of other business owners already open. We wanted to make sure that we were creating the safest circumstances for our clients and our staff. In doing so, we
  • Working From Home Tips
    INSIGHTS Working From Home Tips By: Ashley Meyers Working from home can be challenging, in many ways. The kitchen is near, the kids need you, the laundry still needs to get switched over… sound familiar? If you did not already know the definition of chaos, or what it feels like, we all do now! Check out 3 tips from our Nutrition Coach, Ashley, to help stay on track while working
  • Finding Motivation in this Time of Isolation
    INSPIRE Finding Motivation in this Time of Isolation By: Jonathan Taylor I am sure that for many, the novelty of being home from work is quickly wearing off, and the reality of being confined to a particular space (both physically and mentally) has begun to add to the current angst and higher levels of stress associated with this unique situation. The more we are isolated and told not to leave
  • Simple Daily Habits to Remain Calm, Composed, and Under Control of Your Day
    INSIGHTS Simple Daily Habits to Remain Calm, Composed, and Under Control of Your Day By: John Williams You don’t need to be in quarantine to practice these daily habits, as I have slowly implemented them into my routine over the past couple years.  I have found that regardless of circumstances in my life, what’s going on in the world, how stressed I am, or what day of the week it
  • 5 Simple Ways to Build a Strong Immune System
    INSIGHTS 5 Simple Ways to Build a Strong Immune System By: Jonathan Taylor In this time of global fear, uncertainty, and feelings of helplessness, I want to bring to your attention the power that YOU already possess to build the most important, complex system in your body, and helping stave off anything that comes against it…YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM! Consider the following 5 simple steps you can personally take today to build
  • Recovery Acupuncture for Athletes – Baldwin Park, Orlando
    INSIGHTS Recovery Acupuncture for Athletes By: Donna Kini-Bowen Can acupuncture assist with recovery?  Absolutely.  In fact, it is one of the most common reasons athletes and dedicated workout fanatics see me for acupuncture.  This simple and painless treatment can “reset” the body by stimulating parasympathetic nervous system activity (rest and digest) and optimizing the body’s healing process.     Mechanism behind acupuncture for recovery? Studies show that acupuncture’s underlying mechanism is