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Welcome to SPECTRUM

SPECTRUM offers a diverse range of programs to ultimately improve performance in sport and life. Our four major sectors include: Sports Performance, Fitness, Physical Therapy and Corporate Performance . To support these programs SPECTRUM also offers Nutrition, Education and Return from Injury.

At SPECTRUM we are committed to positively changing the lives of human performance at every level. Explore our site. Check out our programs and the credentials of our staff. Our education, training and experience is unmatched in Orlando and Central Florida.

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Latest Posts

  • Workplace Wellness - Stand Correctly
    Workplace Wellness – Stand Correctly
    INSIGHTS EASY TO FOLLOW WORKPLACE WELLNESS TIPS 3/4 December 11, 2018 EASY TIPS TO ‘MAKE IT HAPPEN’ by Ashley Meyers Stand Up!   We sit while we eat breakfast. We sit while we drive to work. We sit at work. We sit while eating dinner. We sit […]...
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  • Workplace Wellness - Move
    Workplace Wellness – Move
    INSIGHTS EASY TO FOLLOW WORKPLACE WELLNESS TIPS 2/4 October 29, 2018 3 EASY TIPS TO ‘MAKE IT HAPPEN’ by Ashley Meyers Move!   These days, most of us sit a lot – 8 hours a day or more, in some cases. Research has shown that sitting isn’t […]...
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    PROOF OF CONCEPT RUN FASTER, JUMP HIGHER?   October 3, 2018 By: Bobby O’Mullan   THE PROGRAM —————— For the first 12 weeks of training, with a deload week every 4th week, the athletes were put through a program which integrated principles from TriPhasic Training, the French […]...
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