This blog was inspired to address the individual that knows nothing about us, has never stepped in our facility, and has only heard the price. We have clients tell us their friends immediately shut down when they hear the price. So, let’s go ahead and put the numbers out there:

Actually, first, let’s define Customized ‘Fitness’ Training for adults.

Customized Training

This is individualized training in a small group environment. You are working with a performance coach, it is scheduled, it is planned by the coach, it is designed to help you achieve YOUR goals but it is coached in a smaller group setting. It is not 1 on 1 for some reasons we will talk about later.

Unlimited – come as often as you can schedule

12 Month contract is $310 per month for 12 months

1 Month contract is $395 for the month

2x’s per Week

12 Month contract is $245 per month for 12 months

1 Month contract is $295 for the month

We know what you are thinking…you said $20 per session! Those numbers sure don’t look like $20 a session. We are almost there, I promise, but we need to explain why we charge these amounts first.

It’s pretty obvious where we are trying to push everyone… 1 year contract, unlimited. Why? Because that’s where you will get the best results.  Why? Because if you can come in more frequently, without any additional costs, and you are willing to put in more than a few weeks to make significant changes to your health, you will see the rewards. Oh yeah, it’s probably important to talk about our model versus other gym’s models. Other gym’s models are based around getting as many people to sign up as possible, at a much lower rate, and not show up. Yes, that’s right, I’ll say it again. Get as many people as possible to sign up and not show up. They are playing a volume game. Pretty crazy, but that’s it. There is also a sector of our industry that is all about the workout experience. There is a lot of effort in the technology, or the competition within the group and those can be fun and give you a good workout. But they are giving everyone the same workout. It isn’t for you, it isn’t considering you have a shoulder limitation, or an ankle that got hurt when you were young. We do!

So what’s our model. Well to start, it is a slightly higher price point. But in our model we want you to come in as much as you can. We want you to get results, and tell other’s about how amazing your results are. How amazing and knowledgeable your coach is. Oh wait, there’s something else we need to talk about. $245-$395 per month!!! But that is not to show up to a gym and waist an hour. That amount gets you a performance specialist who has a degree and possibly a master’s degree in a related field, in addition to extensive internship and other experience. It’s not just an online cert that I got over the weekend. While others play the volume game, we are interested in quality.

Ok, let’s breakdown the pricing a bit more. $310 per month for unlimited. Most of our unlimited come in 3-4 times per week, so let’s use 3.5. At 3.5 times per week, you would come in roughly 15 times in a month. That is $20 per session. I have not checked personal training prices at a local gym recently, but I can’t imagine they are close to $20 per session. Even if you do our one month ($395) because you’re not sure, it comes out to $26 per session. Now if you are only coming 2x’s per week the cost does creep up to an entire $30 per session. I told you we would get there eventually. So, now you know how you can get individualized training for $20 per session. Seems too good to be true…right? It must not be truly customized, not at that price.

Well, what is our ‘Customized Training’… It’s not personal training. You’re right, personal training sucks and is a waist of everyone’s time and money. For almost everyone, a one on one session is overkill. It isn’t as fun for the client or the coach and can cost $85-$125 per session! That comes out to $1,000 for 2x per week! After doing this for 20 years, most adult clients have pretty similar goals, so the training can have a lot of commonalities.  Aha you say, that is the catch… you guys do a WOD!  Not at all. Each coach has multiple programs all going on at the same time. However, most importantly our coaches have the ability and knowledge to adjust. Adjust for specific pain points, goals, injuries, lifestyles, etc. So, you may be doing something someone else is doing, or you may not. You may be doing some of what someone else is doing and the rest is not. Regardless, and most importantly you will be doing a workout that will get YOU results even if others are doing something similar or not. We have lots of client’s whose workouts overlap or are the same as other people in their workout time. It definitely makes it more fun! However, the adjustment of a single exercise can completely change the stimulus to the body and alter the training experience. It is this level of knowledge and depth that our coaches bring to the table. Often times our coaches are programming components for you that you don’t even know you need! What may feel like a warmup, is a targeted approach to removing restrictions that would otherwise end up causing you shoulder pain, or back pain or knee pain.

So, if someone told you they could offer you expert level coaching and knowledge, to help you transform your health and body for $20 a session that would be designed and targeted for you…would you be interested? If the answer is yes, we have just the place for you!

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