Winter Park Blue Dolfins – Sports Performance Program

As Florida opened back up in the summer of 2020, the Winter Park Blue Dolfins, coached by Joe Auer, reached out to SPECTRUM about bringing his team in. It’s been over a year now, and the team has been working out religiously ever since. While at SPECTRUM the team is lead by Performance Coach, Will Hitzelberger.

For the most part, the team trains three time per week at SPECTRUM. Over the last 14 months, Hitzelberger and Auer have coordinated 3-4 different tapers for specific meets throughout the year.

When the team first began back in June of 2020, we started with what we call a General Physical Preparedness (GPP) Phase. We were coming out of the COVID lockdown so this phase had multiple meanings in this unique scenario. Traditionally, this phase is used to lay the ‘groundwork’ for an upcoming program. We also use this phase to teach mechanics of specific lifts, exercises, and movements that we may encounter in the program. Coming out of COVID we also had to use this as a re-introduction to just work in general. In the first 6 months we went through two, 12-week training cycles using a very basic linear periodization model to increase the swimmer’s overall strength, power and work capacity. The results were 5 school records, 6 All-American time standards and a relay state championship.

After a short break, we were back at it. With a higher weight room IQ, Hitzelberger would begin a Triphasic periodization model for their next taper. Triphasic Training is a systematic approach to elite speed and explosive strength performance. This phase puts an emphasis on Max Strength through strict tempos on specific muscle contractions. What the heck does that mean?

For example, the athlete will spend 5-6 seconds in an eccentric contraction (a negative) before aggressively driving up from a squat. The same process can happen for other lifts like a bench press. Another example would have the athlete pause at the bottom of a squat for 2-3 seconds, and isometric contraction before driving up.

After the Max Strength Phase we transition that new found strength into a phase of Speed Strength and then Max Speed as we enter into a taper.

The next progression Hitzelberger introduced to the team was using ‘Accommodating Resistance’ (AR) within the Triphasic model. AR is the idea of making a lift equally as difficult throughout its full range of motion.

For example, the bottom of the squat is more difficult than the top portion of the squat. By placing bands with tension around the bar, the load is heavier at the top and weaker at the bottom.

We also use this idea of AR for acceleration training with specific lifts. The tension of the bands allows for very effective acceleration training when trying to move the bar as fast as possible.

 Here’s what a typical week of lifting looks like for the team:

Hang CleanBench PressDeadlifts
SquatPull UpPush Jerks
NordicHorizontal PullsKB Swings
Rev LungesDipsSplit Squats

Please keep in mind this is just a snapshot. It doesn’t include the plyometrics, mobility and auxiliary exercises built into each workout. Instead, we wanted to show that Monday is typically a lower day, Wednesday an upper, and Friday more on an explosive full-body.

We are entering the 2021 High School season and will report back soon.

About SPECTRUM Performance

SPECTRUM is a human performance company dedicated to improving people’s lives. Our major services include: Performance for Athletes, Fitness for Adults, Therapy for Injuries, Education for Innovation, Wellness for Business, and Nutrition for All. In 2005, SPECTRUM was launched with a primary focus of working with athletes to improve their overall athletic performance. Many years later, SPECTRUM has evolved into a multi-faceted performance and fitness business.

Currently, SPECTRUM is located in Orlando, FL, inside Baldwin Park in a 17,000 square foot, state-of-the-art performance center. Our staff provides a level of experience, education, and expertise that makes us one of the premier companies in our field. In addition to our performance center, we contract and provide staff to international teams, professional sports teams, colleges, high schools, clubs, and corporations.

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