Baseball Specific Screening for Pitchers and Hitters

By: Dr. Rachel Jakubowski

The OnBase University screening stems from the belief that there is not only one technically correct way to play baseball or softball. There are an infinite number of ways to play the game. The best baseball players in history don’t all hit or pitch the same way, but they do have some commonalities in their styles that have allowed them to be the best.  The aim of a good coach or trainer is to find the one efficient style that works for that player, and that is based on what the player can physically do. If we can match an athlete’s physical ability to his/her technical skills, it will help the player play at his/her highest level possible.

Coach and Player Goals: To be Efficient and Powerful

What makes a hitting or pitching style Efficient?

  • It is Reproducible
  • The player has command over their pitching/hitting style
  • The player is able to maximize his/her power with the least amount of effort

What makes a hitting or pitching style Powerful?

  • Proper Kinematic Sequencing: how energy is transferred from the ground through the body to the ball or bat

It’s up to the coaches to guide the player into what kind of hitting or pitching style the athlete uses. Our goal is to assist the coach and player by determining how the athlete’s physical abilities relate to their technical skills.  Pitching and hitting requires involvement from the whole body, from the feet all the way through to the neck, shoulders, elbow and hand. If there is a breakdown anywhere in this chain, it could lead to poor power, poor contact on the ball for hitters, inconsistency, and pain or injury.  

How is your body limiting your performance and where exactly are the breakdowns? That’s what we want to find out.

How do we determine where the breakdowns are?

Through Movement Screening: Functional Movement Screening (FMS), Y balance testing, OnBase University pitching and hitting screening, the Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA), and through joint by joint assessment.

We will provide these findings to you, your pitching or hitting coach, and your fitness coach to develop a team approach in order to help you become a better athlete.

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