Hitzelberger Prepares Jamaica for FIFA Women’s World Cup

On May 12th, SPECTRUM’s Will Hitzelberger, headed to Jamaica to begin final preparations for this historic World Cup. Lets take a quick look at the journey ahead, and how to follow Hitzelberger and the Reggae Girlz.

Kingston, Jamaica (May 12-20)

Miami, Florida (May 20-24)

Glasgow, Scotland (May 25-29)

London, England (May 29-31)

Lyon, France (June 1-4)

Paris, France (June 4-5)

Grenoble, France (June 5)


Game 1 – June 9st, Brazil –> Grenoble, France

Game 2 – June 14th, Italy –> Remes, France

Game 3 – June 18th, Australia –> Grenoble, France

The Reggae Girlz began final preparations in Jamaica with a camp to prepare for a friendly against Panama on Sunday, May 19th. Panama is who Jamaica beat during the CONCACAF finals to qualify for the World Cup. In front of about 15,000 energized fans the Reggae Girlz defeat Panama 3-1.

The team then traveled to Miami hosted by the Reggae Girlz Foundation for a short camp filled with lots of media and press.

After two days of travel the team arrived in Scotland for their final preparation match against their National Team on Tuesday, May 28th.

Here our several Instagram links to follow the journey:

@willhitz @reggaegirlzfoundation @reggaegirlz @jff_football

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