SPECTRUM, Inc. Announces New Initiative: JUST TRAIN*

JUST TRAIN* is founded on the basis of challenging every human being, young or old, to be better. Better in sport, better in fitness, better in health, better in life.

*If you are getting better, you are training.

Our goal at SPECTRUM is to make a positive impact on the community by channeling the energy found in our facility beyond the four walls. Whether it’s a free training session for neighborhood kids in the park, physical therapy screenings at the local running store, or an educational session on nutrition basics at the local high school- we want to be there. We are ready to inspire everyone to know that training doesn’t have to be done in the gym alone. Training happens everyday, each time we choose to be better than we were before.

There is no limit to where this new initiative can lead us, and we hope you will join us as we continue to explore the possibilities. Stay tuned to our social media accounts and newsletters for updates on JUST TRAIN*events being held throughout the community.

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