At SPECTRUM we strongly believe in teaching young athletes (8-12 years old) the essentials of athletic movements and body control. Recently, we published a blog titled, “Designing Youth Performance Programs,” and we received incredible interest concerning the topic. In the blog we discussed the opportunity and sensitivity during this age range for developing excellent movement patterns. At an early age developing optimal movement patterns provides youth athletes a foundation to excel in any sport while also reducing injury potential. In turn, during this motor development opportunity, young athletes can develop poor movement patterns with improper coaching and instruction. This can lead to limiting athletic potential and promote a higher likelihood of suffering injury simply due to not knowing how to move correctly.

We are excited to announce our new pricing and programming for our Learning To Train:

4 Sessions = $140
8 Sessions = $200

These sessions can be used whenever and however you choose. Our Learning To Train program occurs Monday – Friday at 5:15PM. Scheduling in advance is optional, so you can simply show with a great attitude and a lot of energy and we will always have a coach ready to work with your kids.

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