In this blog you will hear from two very respected Performance Coaches at SPECTRUM, Performance Fitness Coach: Jonathan Taylor, and Group Exercise Specialist, Rachael Malatesta. They give their views on these two services that we offer.

IMG_7079-1Jonathan’s Customized Training Intro: Pursuing health, being active, and living well shouldn’t be an option, it should be a lifestyle! Too many of the issues we face, whether it be obesity, high stress levels, lacking energy, joint and muscle pain, or even injury often find their origin in inactivity. It has been discovered that nicotine can kill, but are we convinced that emotional and physical stress have the same effect? And what are we doing to curve this epidemic of inactivity? The answer to our problems are not found in more pills, energy drinks, and yearly resolutions; the answer is found in looking yourself in the mirror, learning to value what you see, and then pursuing the means in which to protect the person that is reflected in that mirror. Living well, being happy, and possessing purpose should be the ultimate definition of success.

Rachael’s Group Exercise Intro: When starting a new workout routine, everyone has a different opinion of what an ideal workout entails. Do you like to work out around others? Does your schedule change daily? Is there something specific that you are looking to get out of the workout? The answers to these questions are crucial in helping determine what service fits you best, both for your personal enjoyment, and more importantly for raising the likelihood of making a successful transition to a healthier lifestyle.

Customized: Do you need motivation? If you are one that needs accountability, a more personalized approach, or if you are even working through specific joint and muscle pain, our small group training can meet you where you are. We individually plan, we specifically program, and we expertly provide the tools you need to see change. With years of experience, up-to-date research based training, being influenced by both the strength/conditioning and physical therapy worlds, we can tailor your program to fit both your wants and needs.

Group Exercise: If you like working out in a group setting, classes are a great option for you. Motivation, competition and accountability are all potential benefiting factors of working out with a group. Having others working out along side you can help to motivate you and make you push yourself harder. It is a good way to challenge yourself without being in a direct competition. Working out in a group allows you to see the pace others are moving which can drive you to hit a level that you didn’t know you were capable of. Being competitive throughout some workouts or part of a workout, can make getting in shape fun and enjoyable. Finally, taking classes provides a sense of accountability by building expectations from others. By developing a schedule and taking classes 3-4 times a week with familiar faces, there is pressure felt to uphold your commitment, both from yourself, and more than likely also from your classmates when you return after having skipped a class.

Customized: You need to find time for yourself! Spectrum offers over twelve hours of training a day, five days a week. “I don’t have time,” is an excuse of the past because we have made time for you!

Group Exercise: Most people don’t have hours to spend at the gym; they have jobs, families, and other priorities that are just as important. Going to the gym for an hour, getting your heart rate up, getting a good sweat in and having someone tell you exactly what to do is mindless and quick. Spectrum offers quick and mentally low maintenance workouts and class times for all clients. Depending on personal preference, we have classes for the early bird before work and multiple times in the evening after work. Parents can stop by after dropping off kids at school so they can get a good start to their day by coming in for our mid morning class. We also have times that help out the clients who enjoy a midday class during a lunch break to let their mind shut down for an hour. No matter what your schedule is, or how consistent it is day to day, there is a class time convenient for you. Check out our current Class Schedule.

IMG_6963 copyGOALS
Customized:Whatever your body needs, whether fat loss, muscle gain, stress relief, alleviation of joint/muscle pain, we have a program for you. Goals are made to be achieved. Don’t let inconsistency of the past stop you from a consistent future. Learn to value yourself and your body, it’s the only one you got!

Group Exercise: There are different reasons that people workout, some individuals have a specific goal they want to meet. This can vary from something as simple as increasing endurance to be able to make it through a full workout, or as specific as hitting a certain weight on various exercises. If your goal is to get in a good workout without wasting time, directed classes can achieve that. When in class you are moving for 50 minutes hitting the entire body with limited rest. The workouts change daily which keep your body and mind guessing what comes next and not letting any boring routine settle in. Whether your goal is to lose weight, gain strength, or just to maintain a healthier lifestyle in general, Spectrum can help you meet your goal.

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