The SSP System:
This program will prepare you physically and psychologically on how to handle the demanding tests and schedule of the NFL Combine. SSP will cover every aspect of sports performance to ensure optimal preparation. Through our cutting-edge performance assessment techniques, sport specific programs, and intense environment, all athletes will leave educated and prepared for the NFL Combine, Pro Day Workouts and upcoming season.

Our goal-oriented programs are designed by an integrated team of specialists to develop each individual athlete and ensure the optimal system for success at the NFL Combine.

Goals: Individual Training Programs
Every second, inch and rep matters at the Combine. Assessing the needs of each individual athlete allows us to develop the most appropriate training system, combined with a nutritional strategy to reach optimal results. After assessing an athlete and determining muscular imbalances and deficiencies, as well as performance strengths and weaknesses, we will design a program to make each athlete as powerful and efficient as possible.

Team: Integrated Staff of Specialist
During Combine training athletes at SSP are placed in the hands of an elite team of specialists. A team of Performance Specialist, Orthopedics, Massage Therapist and Nutritionists combine their expertise to develop a strategy to optimally prepare each athlete for the Combine through individualized attention and position specific training groups.

Success: The System
Performance training, nutrition, injury prevention and regeneration are the key training components of the system that has allowed SSP athletes to continue to gain an athletic edge. We implement individualized corrective exercise methods that will ensure optimal efficiency. Our ability to integrate speed, strength and power, and combine it with advanced nutrition and recovery techniques will enhance each athlete.

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