Are you a former athlete that still competes in recreational hobbies? Are you pregnant or thinking about becoming pregnant and want to be as healthy as possible? Do you have an event such as a wedding or vacation that you want to prepare your body for?

We pride ourselves in preparing athletes for their season, combines, pre-season, camps, etc. The ability to periodize and understand how to prepare the body for specific events is a complex method and varies with every individual and event. At SSP periodization is our specialty, as we have prepared everything from Olympic athletes to Miss America’s.

When you train at SSP, you are stepping into a facility of goal-oriented people who enjoy a challenge in an amazing setting. It is really like nothing else you have experienced to be surrounded by people who are devoted to improving their lives in some similar respect.

Regardless of your activity (tennis, triathlon, golf, coed leagues), we will develop a program to enhance your ability to compete and enjoy your hobby that much more.

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  1. Found your website through Myspace. I will be subscribing to your feed.

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