What is Massage Therapy?

By Hamilton Baird


Let the recovery begin!

There are so many facets of life that Massage/Manual Therapy and Bodywork (MT&B) fit into, from Sports, Prenatal, Orthopedic, and so much more. Over the years I have taken a particular interest in the Therapeutic, Sports Performance, and Rehabilitative side of MT&B.

MT&B when done routinely, positively affects the body in so many ways; and we’re not talking about just one system in the body. Many people believe that MT&B only works on the muscles or skin. Not true! It helps improve all functions in the body specifically impacting the circulatory system, lymphatic, and my favorite, the nervous system. It can also give these systems the much-needed push in the right direction, which helps facilitate healing, awareness/proprioception, enhanced performance, and emotional/psychological well-being.

Some of the techniques used in my own style of MT&B are:

  • Swedish [lighter sweeping motion]
  • Deep Tissue Massage [firmer and deeper pressure]
  • Myofascial Release (MFR) [the release of myofascial adhesions and webs]
  • Cupping
  • Graston [scraping]
  • Eric Daltons Myoskeletal Alignment
  • Vibrational/Percussion Therapy

MT&B has a huge impact on the autonomic nervous system! This system is made up of two parts, Sympathetic (Fight-or-Flight) and Parasympathetic (Rest and Recovery/Longevity). MT&B can help this system strike a balance. This is clutch for working individuals and athletes. On a scale of 1-10, no one wants to be constantly stuck on a 1 or 10. When this happens, our body is not able to recover or perform as it should. Who wants to fall off the board while riding the wave? MT&B helps you find the balance to stay on the board and ride the waves of life and competition.

In a world where mindfulness is a hot topic, MT&B can help you achieve this. Receiving MT&B is training for both the mind and body. It helps one become more in tune with themselves and their body and what one may or may not be feeling. You will find out that this is something you need to do routinely. You also may find that you need further intervention in the form of Physical Therapy, Training, Stretching, Nutrition, and Acupuncture. All of these are conveniently provided here at SPECTRUM!

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