Top 5 Endurance Training Fuel Options

By Kait Richardson


Over the years, your options for sports nutrition products have absolutely exploded! We’ve come a long way from just traditional sports drinks such as gatorade, which are often packed with artificial colors and flavors.

The key to choosing the right fuel for endurance training lasting over 60 minutes is to fuel with both glucose (carbohydrate), fluids, and electrolytes. 

If you’re not outside, or if you’re training less than an hour, you probably don’t need extra electrolytes. Focus on hydrating with plain water.

Pack any one of these options for your next swim meet, long distance run, or soccer game:

🔥Natural, homemade sports drink (for two servings: blend 1/2 cup natural OJ, 1/4th cup lemon juice, 2 cup water, 2 tbsp honey, 1/8th tsp pink salt)

🔥Coconut water with a dash of salt if exercising outside

🔥Salted dates- great source of carbohydrate & event source of potassium. Start with 1-2 to prevent digestive concerns from fiber.

🔥High sodium sports drink packets such as Liquid IV or S.O.S. hydration 

🔥Sports gels or chews such as Honey Stinger

As always, refuel after your workout with additional fluid, carbohydrates, and protein. Chocolate milk is a great 3-in-1 options for athletes

Work with Kait, a registered dietitian to determine proper dosing/timing for each product. Kait can also help you decide if you need additional electrolytes or water with each product.

Set up an initial consultation by contacting our front desk.

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