Nutrition Tips to Survive the Holidays

By: Ashley Meyers

Nutrition Holiday Survival Tips

1. Eat Out Less
Trade holiday events for eating out. If you dine out regularly, cut back on this routine during the holiday season. Count your holiday events as your dining out night.

2. Check out the spread first
Before loading your plate, see what is being served. Your plate should mainly consist of half fruits and vegetables, one-fourth grains, and one-fourth lean protein.

3. Slow Your Roll – Literally!
At a sit-down dinner, eat slowly. Put your cutlery down between bites and chew thoroughly. Talk between bites, so your meal will last longer.

4. Stay Busy
Offer to help put the leftovers away immediately after dinner to avoid going back for seconds or thirds.

5. Dish Out, or Dish Up
After the party, send leftovers home with friends, or package into meals and freeze for later.

To work on pre and post holiday nutrition goals, set up a free consult with our Nutritionist, Ashley.

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