Youth Athlete Summer Nutrition Series, Part I

emily_parsons By: Emily Parsons, Pn1

You’re an athlete in the gym. You’re an athlete on the field. You’re an athlete in the kitchen. I say it all the time, but until you, as a young athlete, really understand the important role nutrition plays in your performance, you could be missing a big opportunity to take your performance from good to great. You can’t out run it, out train it, out throw it or outsmart it- poor nutrition simply can’t be made up for, so now is the time for you to understand how to fuel for sport and life.

But with all the conflicting advice, strategies and google searches how can you know the right strategy for you? It starts with keeping it simple. Don’t reach for the newest supplement that ‘guarantees you’ll become faster in 2 weeks’ if you still can’t even nail the basics (even then, I still wouldn’t recommend that supplement…).

Read below to see what my Top 10 nutrition basics to focus on this summer are! And don’t worry- every week this summer I’ll be expanding on these topics and ways you can continually improve your nutrition strategy. Plus, you can always set up a FREE 20 minute individual nutrition consultation to make sure you are ready to make the most of your training this off-season.

1. Prioritize Sleep (8-10 hours)
2. Carry a Water Bottle Everywhere
3. Eat Breakfast Everyday
4. Pack Quality Snacks
5. Always Plan Your Pre & Post-Workout Nutrition
6. Only Use Supplements When Necessary
7. Strategize Your Nutrition Plan During Travel
8. Aim to Have a Fruit/Veg with Every Meal
9. Include a Portion of Protein at Every Meal
10. Don’t Go Longer Than 4 Hours Without Eating

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