Summer Nutrition For Athletes

emily_parsons By: Emily Parsons, Pn1

During the season athletes need to focus on performance nutrition to make sure they are at their best during competition. The goal is to keep energy up and the level of play high. However, when it comes to the off-season athletes get to work on raising the bar by gaining a deeper awareness of how nutrition impacts body composition, energy, performance and overall health.

This summer we want all of our athletes to maximize the work they are putting into training by learning the benefits of results-oriented nutrition. The following opportunities are available to assist each athlete in reaching their goals:

  • Free Seca Body Composition Scan*
  • Free 20 Minute Individual Nutrition Consultation
  • Options for Individual Nutrition Packages
  • Weekly Youth Nutrition Blog Series (featuring recipes)
  • *Body composition scans available only for athletes 16+

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