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There are thousands of resources on health everywhere you look- diet books with every theory imaginable, calorie tracking apps, watches that count your steps and monitor your sleep, and the list goes on and on. With so much potential for self-help, it has to make you wonder if a nutrition coach is actually worth the investment. Now, I’m certainly not opposed to people stepping out of their comfort zone, grabbing a new health book and trying to make a change. However, in order gain a little perspective let’s look at 5 common setbacks I’ve seen most often with people trying to get results on their own.

1. You’re a little insane. Albert Einstein is widely credited with stating, ‘The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results.’ Does this sound a little familiar to you and your quest for that ‘ideal’ body? Now don’t misunderstand me, if the thing you are doing over and over again is eating more vegetables and less processed foods, please don’t stop. The scenario I’m talking about is something I hear all the time- ‘I just don’t get it- I’m eating healthy, going to the gym 5x a week and still not seeing any changes…what gives?’ The truth is that most people either don’t know what needs to change to get results, or they are blind to the fact that a change even needs to take place. This is where a little push from a nutrition coach comes in handy. A fresh perspective and sound guidance from a professional may be just what you need to shake up your routine and actually start getting some results.

2. You’re over-committing. Maybe you’ve gotten out of coast mode and have decided to make a BIG change. Today I start my quest to cut out sugar, get to the gym every morning at 5am, never eat processed foods again and only have 1 drink every two weeks…totally got this. That sounds, umm, fun? Give that a shot and let me know how you feel two weeks in. Chances are (if you make it that far) your quality of life is suffering, social life is dwindling and you’re totally consumed with your commitment. What if it didn’t have to be so hard? In fact, what if you could keep the balance in your life and still get sustainable results- all while feeling liberated from this huge expectation you’ve placed on yourself? The truth is you can, and this is exactly what a good nutrition coach will help you do. For more insight on my approach to working with clients check out ‘Sustainable Habits – Lasting Change’

3. You aren’t consistent. Let’s face it, as humans, a lot of the time we just aren’t as good as we think we are. We can easily convince ourselves that we are completely committed to hitting our goals- even if we miss a workout here or there, or go through the occasional drive-thru. Then, before we know it we’re missing 2 workouts a week and that occasional quick meal has become a bit more of a norm. All the while still saying ‘I’m eating right and exercising- so I should still be seeing results!’ If you’re really honest with yourself you can probably identify a few places where justifications are being made, and your progress is suffering as a result.

4. Your willpower is running low. Everyday we are bombarded with scenarios that challenge our willpower. I can’t believe you just cut me off! I’m going to give you a piece of my…wait, calm down, don’t make a scene. Are those fresh baked cookies?? They smell incredi…nope, nope not on the plan. Ugh, I do NOT want to workout during lunch…but I can’t miss a day…alright, alright, I’ll go to the gym. Then 5pm hits and nothing sounds better than that Taco Tuesday special with a couple margaritas. Why? The truth is, our willpower has been proven to be a finite resource. As in the more we use it, the weaker it becomes. This makes sticking to strict, rigid plans pretty tough- especially when we are going at it alone. Once again, this is where a solid nutrition coach comes in handy. Having someone simplify your weekly goals and keeping your big picture results on track so you can focus on the challenges of everyday life is crucial.

5. No one is holding you accountable. At the end of the day, this is the missing link for most people. The fact is that we aren’t always motivated to go to the gym, stick with our healthy eating habits or say no to that second glass of wine after a long day at work. And if you are doing these things on a consistent basis without some help, you’re giving that willpower a serious workout (read: burnout is on the way). Accountability is the greatest service a good nutrition coach can provide. Knowing that someone is tracking your progress and actually cares about your results makes those tough decisions that much easier to push through. All of my clients check-in with me for 30 minutes each week to go over how their week went as a whole- but what may be even more important is the simple, daily survey they receive everyday to ensure they are staying on track. Just knowing that at the end of the day they will be asked if they ate breakfast that morning usually gives them the push they need to get up ten minutes earlier to whip something up. If you want lasting change, you need accountability- plain and simple.

Did you identify with any of these common setbacks? If so, don’t worry- through our Remote Nutrition Coaching program you can now get results from anywhere in the world. Check out the details here and take the next step in getting your nutrition on track once and for all.

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