SPECTRUM, Inc. is excited to announce a new partnership with Miami-based ticket sales and entertainment company, Entertainment Benefits Group, LLC. EBG, the largest premier travel and entertainment provider in the U.S. with offices in Miami, Orlando, New York, and Las Vegas, has recently taken a major shift in its commitment to EBG employee health, wellness, and happiness beginning with a new wellness program initiative which officially launch December 2015.

As part of this new relationship, SPECTRUM and EBG have worked together over the past six months to design, build, equip, and staff two brand-new, state of the art fitness centers in their Orlando and Las Vegas locations as part of a comprehensive wellness program spanning all locations. EBG’s Orlando location includes a 1500 square foot upgraded fitness center and a 900 square foot yoga studio in their new office building which contains over $1 million in upgrades. The Orlando facility will be staffed by a full-time SPECTRUM trainer as well as a yoga instructor. The Las Vegas facility includes a 1785 square foot fitness center equipped with industry leading fitness and cardio equipment. SPECTRUM has staffed this location by reaching out to fellow Nike Trainer,Braden Collinsworth, and collaborating with his gym Real Results Fitness. Both fitness centers will be open nearly 24 hours and will provide group exercise classes, one on one training, and yoga classes at no cost to employees; employees will even be encouraged to exercise during work hours. EBG will also provide free annual gym memberships to their New York, Miami, and off-site employees. All four locations across the U.S. will offer quarterly nutrition sessions with SPECTRUM’s own Director of Corporate Performance, Dr. Lauren Hodges. SPECTRUM will not only staff these facilities and coach employees to better health, happiness, and work performance but will also track facility usage, healthcare expenditure, and turnover rates among other data points to track progress throughout the year. In addition to working with SPECTRUM, EBG has also contracted with a professional mental coach and motivational speaker to further develop employees’ sense of purpose and psychology well-being.

As part of the exciting new launch, SPECTRUM owner Dan Schuck traveled with Lauren EBG’s Las Vegas and New York locations to launch its opening and provide a kickoff keynote presentation to all Vegas staff at the Luxor Hotel and Casino and to their New York staff on site at their Manhattan offices. Lauren will visit their Miami location as well as provide the keynote for their Executive Leadership Committee annual meeting here in Orlando at the Portofino Hotel in mid-December.

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