ORLANDO, Fla – June 1, 2015Earl Enterprises®, the marquis brand for the group of restaurant, hospitality and entertainment companies of Robert Earl which include Planet Hollywood®, Planet Dailies®, Earl of Sandwich®, Buca di Beppo® and Earl Integrations™, headquartered in Orlando, Florida, announced today the kick-off of the month-long Earl Enterprises Corporate Olympics, its third-annual corporate wellness event. Designed to engage and improve employee performance at work and at home this annual initiative is creating a work environment where lifestyle changes are part of the business platform and the corporate culture.

U.S. employers lose more than $225 billion each year in productivity due to employee health problems according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Corporate wellness programs are no longer viewed as a perk or employee benefit but a necessary investment that can provide a great return in the long run by:

· Inspiring a healthy lifestyle
· Enhancing productivity
· Improving employee morale
· Combating rising healthcare costs
· Reducing absenteeism

Owner and Chairman Robert Earl clearly understands that for a wellness program to be successful it must championed by the company’s leader. “As an employer I feel responsible for assisting our employees with creating a work environment where lifestyle changes are a daily focus. That is why I am adding some bravado to our program this year by partnering with Spectrum Sports Performance, Inc. (SSP) because continuing to foster positive lifestyle changes with my employees is an important part of our continued success as an organization. I am committed to the health, wellness and performance of our employees. This year’s exceptional program would not have happened without the outstanding efforts and support of our benefits consultant Digital Benefit Advisors, and the generous financial support of UMR, our medical plan administrator.”

SSP is a leader in sports performance training of athletes in Orlando, Florida. Through its cutting edge performance assessment, training and nutrition techniques SSP is now bringing its methodology to the corporate environment. SSP Founder and President Will Hitzelberger is “committed to assisting the employees of Earl Enterprises to tap their unrealized potential and optimize their performance for work and for life.”

Commencing on June 8th, the “Corporate Olympics” challenge is geared not just toward providing daily fitness classes and nutritional opportunities, but will also provide an enhanced culture of health education through on-site face-to-face professional coaching and interaction. This year, departments will break into “countries” to compete against one another for the top prize. SSP will provide an on-site performance coaches to oversee over 25 fitness classes and private coaching and consultations as well as class instructors for strength, stretch, cardio, yoga, Pilates, Zumba and stress reduction. In addition, SSP will also provide weekly keynote presentations delivered by SSP Corporate Performance Director Dr. Lauren Hodges. At the end of the month SSP will host the “Closing Ceremonies” in which countries will face a fun and inspiring series of physical, tactical, and educational “games” to fight for gold, silver, and bronze medals. Winners take home more than just bragging rights, gift cards, and fitness gear—they’ll gain a new lifestyle and performance outlook.

Earl Enterprises®, the marquis brand Planet Hollywood®, Planet Dailies®, Earl of Sandwich®, Buca di Beppo® and Earl Integrations™, brings together the power of people, services and creative genius to build innovative sustainable companies that Guests can enjoy today and in the future through its diversified brand portfolio. Earl Enterprises® is growing as a leader in the field of entertainment, leisure, tourism, hotel and restaurant services.

SSP, Inc is a performance-based company located in Winter Park, Florida, SSP is dedicated to maximizing human potential. SSP launched in 2005 with the primary focus of working with athletes to achieve peak performance. Since then SSP has seen tremendous expansion, part of which was the launch of SSP Corporate Performance: a data-driven, research-minded corporate performance division which applies their unique and globally-recognized athletic methodologies to the “Corporate Performers” of the office world.

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