Ten years ago, Spectrum Sports Performance was founded on the idea of becoming a leader in sports performance training, as well as the overall enhancement of human performance. We quickly adapted our initial focus of training athletes, targeting the notion to improve human performance. Sports performance is just one aspect of human performance, and we wanted to ensure that our programs could better everyone. For the past ten years, our two primary services have revolved around bettering athletes in their sport, and bettering people for their everyday challenges and life. As our business evolved, we shortened our name to SSP, marking on our goal of “Making Athletes.” We were still primarily reliant on functioning as a sports performance company with the growing reputation for performance training. That name has grown over the years, and as such, so has our business.


This year, we moved into our new 17,000sf performance center in Baldwin Park, marking our fourth upgrade during our ten years of existence. With our new facility, we found the equal opportunity to open ourselves to new branding. While we continue to pride ourselves with offering all athletes an elite training facility and environment, we are expanding our services into new markets and areas we weren’t previously serving. The business name came about because of our enthusiasm and identification with providing people the full ‘spectrum’ of sports performance. However, that narrows the groups we now work with, and we strived to go back to our roots. SSP will move forward under the name SPECTRUM, along with the tagline “Train for Life.” Our brand encapsulates the full variety of services we provide to our clientele: Sports Performance, Fitness, Corporate Performance, Classes, Nutrition, Massage, Yoga… and the list goes on. With the new facility arises a new name, but one thing will remain the same: our goal to help each individual perform for the better… for their better.


What makes SPECTRUM such a dynamic and energetic environment is our incredible staff. We encourage you to read their bio’s online, but more importantly, watch their interaction and attention to detail. This crew did not come from a weekend certification. The staff of SPECTRUM hold undergraduate degrees, masters degrees, advanced specialization and/or certifications in the related fields of human performance and exercise science. They go through extensive training of the SPECTRUM methodology and are required to stay up to date through continued education. Stop by our new location to see our method of operation for yourself.

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