A Message From SSP Class Director, Rachael Malatesta
2C7A8318 copy 4SSP’s :50 Fitness kicks off Monday, April 13th and I can’t wait for everyone to see what is in store! For about the last 3 years I have been teaching bootcamp classes and love the atmosphere of group training! I think it’s awesome that a group of individuals can get together and enjoy working out even when their goals and abilities may differ. People come to train for a variety of reasons that can range from wanting to lose weight, wanting to get stronger or wanting to just be healthy and able to move around with their kids on a daily basis.

There are a few things that will make :50 Fitness different from any other bootcamp or group class that you have done before. SSP has just moved into a brand new facility with a wide assortment of equipment. At our classes we will have access to not only to your basic dumbbells but also to ropes, slam balls, physio balls, pull-up bars, VertiMax, TRX, jump ropes, and much more. Because of the easy access to equipment, workouts will change daily and incorporate a mixture of movements and skills.

Some people may think a group class can be intimidating or above your skill level. :50 Fitness will be catered to all levels of clients, from beginners who are just getting back into a workout routine to advanced clients who have been training for some time but are looking for a way to change up their everyday workout. Every class will have modifications and progressions for each clients’ personal ability to make sure that they are being challenged appropriately.

Weather will never be an issue at SSP, rain or shine we will always have our scheduled classes! As mentioned before we have just moved into a new facility in Baldwin Park and are located right near the Cady Way Trail. Classes may be held indoor, outdoor or even along the trail to make sure workouts are full of variety.

I am so excited to launch :50 Fitness next week and see who comes out to be a part of it. Come workout, relieve some stress and have some fun! Get your first free session and see what it’s all about!

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