imgres A little over a month ago the Jamaican Women’s Football team advanced in the Women’s Caribbean Football Union (CFU) tournament, advancing them to the CONCACAF stage of World Cup qualifying. In doing so, Head Coach, Merron Gordon, set out to improve his staff to be the first Jamaican Women’s team to qualify for the World Cup. SSP affiliate, Hue Menzies – Executive Director of FKK, was appointed Technical Coach of the team. Among Coach Gordon’s requests, was that for a Physical Trainer/Fitness Coach. Menzies quickly brought in SSP’s, Will Hitzelberger.

IMG_2437 Menzies and Hitzelberger headed to Jamaica for a mini-camp in early September. On their arrival day, Hitzelberger went to work testing the team and gathering baseline information in order to develop a six week preparation plan.

Hitzelberger leaves with the team on October 7th, to continue camp in a climate closer to that of the games.

Group A: USA, Guatemala, Trinidad, Haiti
Group B: Costa Rica, Mexico, Jamaica, Martinique

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