This past weekend, SSP owners Will Hitzelberger and Dan Schuck traveled to Portland, Oregon to the Nike World Headquarters to attend the second annual SPARQ – Nike Performance Summit. There were approximately 100 selected invitees from around the world that all share a passion and knowledge in Human Performance. Over the last several years SPARQ has developed an Advisory Board led by Performance Director, Paul Winsper, and a Performance Network led by Performance Manager, Dean Riddle.

SPARQ is Nike’s performance division, and is on a mission to lead the exploration and discovery of athletic potential and provide sound, science-based rationale for the advancements and innovations that fuel Nike’s game-changing products and maximize performance for athletes at every level.

Key presentations of the SPARQ Performance Methodology were organized through a cadence of high-level theory, applied research and practical application.

Sense and Process

  • Motor learning and programming research as it relates to coaching and the processing of information.
  • Practical application of sensory training.


  • Understanding a movement-based approach to training and rehabilitation.
  • Research and scientific advances on movement-based exercise.
  • Practical application of a movement-based approach in an NFL setting.


  • Readiness as it relates to mental preparation and performance.
  • Managing and monitoring the training process to ensure optimal readiness.
  • Practical application of readiness data to allow optimal performance.


  • In-game monitoring and measuring the exact demands placed on athletes in competition.
  • Utilizing data to develop strength and conditioning programs for optimal performance.
  • Practical application of holistic training approach as it relates to a performance perspective.

SSP has been involved with SPARQ since 2005, and during the re-focus of SPARQ in 2011, has become more involved as an official Nike sponsored affiliate within the SPARQ Network.

“I attended the Summit in its innagural year last year, and was very excited about the future of Human Performance, Nike and SPARQ. This year reconfirmed the direction that Nike SPARQ is heading in making a Global Impact on performance. We [SSP] are extremely excited to be involved with such a select group of professionals and projects that collaborate with the best minds and athletes from around the world.”

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