Tracking Success: Josh Palma

From a former collegiate baseball player to a pro wakeboarder, Josh Palma is in the middle of an unbelievable career. Josh began training with SSP in 2008, and continues to come back every year to prepare for his extremely taxing season.

1. When did you start working out to help your wakeboarding career?
I began working out with SSP in 2008, shortly after recovering from an ACL reconstruction.

2. How has working out with SSP helped you as a wakeboarder? Training at SSP has aided my wakeboarding career in a myriad of ways. The crew at SSP has helped me hone in on the predominant movements/planes of motion in my sport. By strengthening my body through these motions, I have effectively improved both my performance and lowered my risk of injury. Furthermore, the staff has always taken extra time to show me stretches/regenerative techniques that keep my body fresh throughout the season. I've found this to be almost as important as my strength training. It's definitely something that I neglected before going to SSP! 3. Why is working out important to you? Training consistently certainly improves my performance on the water. The biggest benefit to me, however, is that my work off the water keeps me safer and lowers the incidence of both day to day wear and tear as well as serious injuries. Ultimately, training helps protect/preserve my body.

4. What parts of the workouts do you feel are most beneficial to you as a wakeboarder?
I find the following to be the most beneficial for wakeboarding: TRX stability training, resistance band training, core circuits, and regenerative work/dynamic stretching.

5. What are some of your current or future goals as a wakeboarder?
In 2010, I finished 8th in the world rankings. I’ve missed several events the last couple years due to injuries and would like to get back in the top 10 for 2013. I’d also like focus on innovating new tricks and recreating old ones.

6. Describe your experience at SSP:
The staff at SSP has helped me work my way through numerous injuries and provided me with invaluable advice on how to safely return to my sport and how to prevent future injury. SSP’s ability to balance focus and hard-work within a fun/encouraging atmosphere is what has made my experience there so unique.

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