My name is Mikell Hammer, I am graduating with my Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science from Southern Arkansas University. I will be attending the University of Arkansas for my Masters degree in Exercise Science/Kinesiology this coming semester.

SSP has given me many opportunities and opened many doors for me, and it just now ended. SSP gave me more knowledge in the field of strength and conditioning than I ever thought it would. The internship gave me the opportunity to have hands on experience with coaching many different sports and athletes. The trainers were more than helpful with answering my questions and explaining details about workouts and exercises. I completed by CSCS exam while I was at the internship because I had very knowledgeable trainers to ask questions with and pick their brains. I also took the FMS exam to become an expert in movement screening and corrective exercises due to the experienced trainers helping me understand how important it is in this field in my opinion. Most importantly, this intership opened up doors for the future by helping me with contacts. The fellow interns I was with are extremely knowledgeable and I know in the future that I can ask them questions and use them as contacts. Also, I feel I can use the trainers at SSP as references in the future. One experience I am extremely thankful for is the opportunity that SSP gave me directly after the internship. I met with Will during the internship to discuss a business opportunity for a job prior to getting my masters. He helped me by giving me the knowledge of how to create an outline to present to a school to offer strength and conditioning training sessions to their athletes. After a lot of work, the high school accepted my plan and I am now the strength and conditioning coach for 8 different teams. I will be training them for three months until my graduate school begins. I would of never knows how to go about this without their knowledge and experience behind it. SSP has done more for me than I ever imagined it would and I recommend anyone who is willing to learn and become a better coach to join the internship.

My name is Dorian Greiner and I am a senior studying Exercise Science in an undergraduate program at the University of Stuttgart in Germany. I am very thankful that SSP accepted me as an international student into their program, in what turned out to be an invaluable experience for me. What sets the SSP internship program apart from others, is the unique setting of having a variety of experts from different backgrounds, providing science-based knowledge and most of all the hands-on experience I have gained from working with athletes of different levels and the general fitness clientele. The SSP Education Program has had a tremendous impact on my personal growth and has reinforced my plans of pursuing a Masters Degree in Exercise Science and Coaching. Thanks to this internship I feel well prepared and confident to enter the field of strength and conditioning.

Casey McCray, University of Central Florida, Sports and Exercise Science – Emphasis on Human Performance , Undergraduate

Spectrum Sports Performance has given me the tools to succeed in the Sports and Fitness industry as a student and a Coach that I wouldn’t have found in any other education setting. Coming into this internship I had very little experience coaching performance training. I now have more confidence as a person and a coach thanks to all of the help and feedback from everyone at Spectrum Sports Performance. I have become much more proficient in Anatomy and Physiology as well as applying those concepts to their methodology. After interning at Spectrum Sports Performance I am confident that I could help an athlete make tremendous strides in their performance by implementing the SSP methodology.

Thank you SSP Staff for such an amazing experience here. I couldn’t be more satisfied with the new coaching experience I am walking away with. Thank you for pushing me to do my best.

Emily O’Rourke
Ball State University, Senior Year
Graduation: July 20, 2013
Undergrad: Exercise Science Major, Adapted Physical Activity Minor

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