Tracking Success: Tracy Stanford
Tracy didn’t start playing competitively until she was 14 years old, didn’t play on the varsity team until her senior year and then caught her first big break in golf at an AJGA event.

I was playing in Abilene, Texas. I was paired with a girl that had a college coach out watching her. By the end of the round that day the coach was more interested in me than the player she initially watched. It was because of my attitude and demeanor on the course that interested the coach. This coach was Julie Manning from Iowa State University, where I ended up signing my letter of intent. It was my only Big 12 scholarship offer and big offer at that. However, shortly after signing Coach Manning left the program at Iowa State for another opportunity. I ended up spending only one year at Iowa State.

The next move for me was walking-on at Texas Tech. I wanted to stay in the Big 12 and Texas Tech was my only option. I received the one-time exemption to transfer from one Big 12 school to another — which meant I got to play right away the following year. Texas Tech had a big team and full of talent. There I competed in fewer events as the years progressed and didn’t receive a scholarship until my last semester. None the less, I still had a few opportunities. My best accomplishments came my junior year. I finished T4 at the Pat Bradley Invitational in Ft. Myers, FL — I competed as an individual. The other was a T16 finish at our home tournament in Lubbock.

After college, Tracy did not feel like her golf career was over and she turned pro.

The summer I turned pro I qualified for the 2009 U.S. Women’s Open. That was by far one of the most exciting times for me in my golf career. The fall of 2009 I went to Q-school for the Futures tour. I made the cut on the number and earned status for 2010. The dream was starting to bloom.

I have now played three full years on the Symetra Tour (Futures tour), 2010-2012. I will play a full season of 2013 as well. Getting better every year.

We asked Tracy to answer some questions about working out and her experience at SSP:

1. When did you start working out for golf?

Freshman year in college.

2. How has working out at SSP helped your golf game?

It has helped my balance tremendously. Dan has helped me form a lot of stability and a more solid core. I am able to drive through the ball with more power now as well.

3. Why is working out important to you as a golfer?

To be honest working out never was high priority for me. After college I turned pro and was burnt out on the mandatory workouts so I stopped. After working with Dan at SSP however, I wish I would have found this place sooner. It has really opened my eyes to how important just being a strong athlete is even for golf.

4. What are some ways working out has improved your golf game?

Just being stronger and having more lasting endurance really helps me get through tournament weeks without being too fatigued. Also, being able to create more power in my swing and know which muscles to use to do that is an advantage.

5. What are some of your current or future goals pertaining to golf?

Well of course I want to win. Still working on achieving my first win and doing what it takes to get there. Another goal is to stay disciplined to fitness and nutrition on the road. They are important to me when it comes to performance.

6. Describe your experience at SSP

My experience with SSP has been great. I enjoy how my workouts are always different. When I’m working out there I know I’m with the right people who can get me to where I want to be. Like I said before I wish I would have discovered y’all sooner.

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