Official press release, February 11, 2013: CORA Sports Medicine & Rehabilitation Partner with Spectrum Sports Performance, Inc.Spectrum Sports Performance (SSP) and CORA Sports Medicine & Rehabilitation are uniting in an effort to provide injured athletes, adults, and everyday workers a full continuum of care after they leave from their referring physician or orthopaedic’s office. SSP is a local leader in sports performance and fitness/wellness training, while CORA is one of the finest providers in outpatient rehabilitation and sports medicine. Offering a client the ability to rehabilitate an injury and then seamlessly transition into a wellness and fitness program to not only get back to your previous health level, but improve on that level is a significant advantage for any injured person. For the athlete, there is often a difference between being healthy again, and being game-ready. This approach will provide the athlete with a place to go after their injury has been rehabilitated so they can get back to their pre-injury level, if not better and to help prevent future injuries.

The partnership is a three month pilot program between the CORA Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine Clinic located on University Boulevard and SSP. The program begins of February 18, 2013 and will end May 10, 2013. For more information on the program please click here.

SSP offers a diverse range of athletic performance and fitness training services. They know that by developing sport specific speed, agility & quickness skills, incorporating strength and power, we can change the game — helping athletes succeed and excel at the next level – high school, college & professional. SSP also provides health, personal fitness and athletic performance training for adults.

All SSP programs are personalized and customized based on each client’s specific needs and goals. Explore our site. Check out our programs and the credentials of our staff. Our education, training and experience is unmatched in Orlando and Central Florida.

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