By: Calum McLellan, CISSN, CSCS, NASM-PESSports Nutritionist and Sports Performance SpecialistSpectrum Sports PerformanceHoliday Nutrition Tips

The holiday season is all about celebrating time with friends and family. Unfortunately celebrating usually involves lots of eating and drinking, which can completely derail you from your fitness and weight loss goals. Although there is plenty of temptation and even pressure from people around you, there are ways to survive this time of year with out completely sabotaging your body composition.

Have a snack – Continue with your proper meal timing. Don’t starve yourself in preparation for the big feast. Having a small snack such as a Greek yogurt or a piece of fruit with plenty of water an hour or so before the big meal can help you from over indulging during big meal.

Don’t skip a work out – Doing a metabolism-boosting workout before the big meal can keep your body burning extra calories the rest of the day. Go for a run. Do a quick body weight circuit. Even a long walk is better than nothing.

Alcohol Consumption - being mindful of how many drinks you have while with the family can really help you from over eating. Aside from alcoholic drinks having tons of empty calories, they can also lower your inhibition, which will make you more likely to overindulge. Cover your plate with greens - When it comes down to the big meal, load up your plate with the veggies. Shoot for half of your plate with simple items such as brussel sprouts, steamed green beans and other vegetable based dishes. Next have lean meats such as turkey and ham take up majority of the rest of the space on your plate and what ever room is left for mashed potatoes and other items that may be a little higher in fat and starchy carbohydrates. Make sure to drink plenty of water during the meal and wait 15 minutes before getting seconds. It takes at least that time for your body to realize that its full. If all else fails, make it your New Years resolution to get right back on track when it’s all over. Good luck and happy Holidays!

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