Chrissy has spent her entire career in the sports and education field.  After finishing a varsity tennis career as the #2 singles and #1 doubles player at The Ohio State University, she jumped at an opportunity to stay and become the Assistant Tennis Coach at Ohio State.  Over the course of her four-year run at OSU, she was able to work with nationally ranked players and assist in coaching a team who reached Top 20 national rankings as well as a Big Ten Title. 

This led to an opportunity to become The Head Women’s Tennis Coach at The University at Albany. She spent 3 years turning around a struggling program to one with a winning record.    

A desire to make a lifestyle change led to her becoming a Physical Education Teacher here in the Orlando area.  Alongside teaching high school Chrissy coached both girls varsity tennis and weightlifting. Her weightlifting team was consistently ranked top in the county, even having a player reach the state tournament. Through all of these experiences, the one thing she has loved the most has been the relationships she has been able to develop with her students and team members. Seeing the progress her students were able to make was another incredibly rewarding part of the experience. 

Chrissy has spent the last 10 years working as a PE teacher at Baldwin Park Elementary.  She was excited at the opportunity to work with a completely different age group and have an impact on young children who are still developing their attitudes towards fitness.  She believes in the importance of creating healthy habits at an early age, as well as helping students to develop strong self-esteem and confidence through sport and fitness. Chrissy believes in creating a positive environment where children can achieve their greatest potential.  Chrissy is a certified Youth Exercise Specialist through NASM.