Male or Female. Former athlete or a rookie to exercise. Commit to getting the most out of life.





SSP Fitness Programs

Our Fitness Programs are like nothing you have ever experienced. It is not personal training; it is not traditional and its not boring. It is designed specifically for your goals whether you are training for a triathlon or a marathon, or whether you just want to live a healthier lifestyle. Commit to getting the most out of life. Invest in a program that increases your energy, delays the aging process, reduces the risk of many diseases, depression and anxiety. Further strengthen and boost your immune system while building and maintaining muscle, bones, and joints. Check out the different fitness programs that SSP offers.

Five years ago I realized I couldn’t motivate myself to work out like I did when I was younger. The discipline, desire and mental toughness I prided myself on when I was younger was almost gone. The obvious consequences from a reduction in physical exercise began to take a hold; weight gain, energy loss, and lack of focus or purpose. I had enough self discipline left to recognize I needed help. I wasn’t that young highly competitive athlete I once was but I knew I could still compete actively in athletics with the proper training. SSP was my answer. SSP creates a program designed specifically for whatever my physical goals are. Through a combination of strength, agility, endurance and core training I have been able to lead a very active, competitive and athletic lifestyle. The best part is the constant variation of programs to keep me interested and the highly skilled instructors to keep me motivated. I have been so pleased with the program I have brought my wife, daughter and friends to experience the same rejuvenation of my body and mind. I highly recommend it for all people, young and older, to feel good about themselves and their bodies.

– Joe Raymond
Managing Partner of RVR Consulting Group