In our Physical Therapy department, we employ manual and movement-based therapy to return you back to what you love doing; whether that be your sport, your job, or even just playing with your kids.


We believe that moving well, moving pain free, and moving efficiently are key to sport and overall happiness in everyday activities. There are three key components to moving well: proper mobility, stability, and strength. If any one of these areas are deficient then compensations in movement can occur, leading to overuse injuries, pain, or poor performance. We utilize a movement-based diagnostic system to determine deficiency’s in order to fix past, present, and future injuries from occurring.











Our Performance Coaches and Therapists work as a team to get you back to a high level of physical activity more efficiently and effectively.


Manual Therapy
Active Release Techniques (ART)
Movement Screening: SFMA, FMS, Y Balance
Trigger Point Therapy
Neuromuscular Re-Education
Functional Movement Training
Muscle Activation Techniques
On Base U
Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization
Joint Mobilization and Manipulation
Functional Movement Taping
Baseball Specific Screening


“When I learned I had shin splints at the beginning of my high school lacrosse season, I thought it would take me forever to get back on the field and be healthy again. With Rachel helping me with physical therapy, I was able to heal and strengthen my legs so I was ready to play within no time. Thanks to Rachel, I have fully recovered, and am even stronger than I was at the beginning of the season!” –Kate H

“I came to Rachel about a month ago in need of a solution to my recurring back injury after suffering a spinal contusion this fall in a football game. As baseball season rolled around, my back was still bothering me, but it became even more aggravated after every time I pitched…the next day I would not be able twist, struggled putting my book bag on, and sat through class with constant back spasms. I realized I needed help with this frustrating problem, and Rachel could not have done a better job. She quickly identified my issue and helped me become pain-free after only one month through active release, cupping, scraping etc. Throughout this process, Rachel provided me with exercises, resources, and her knowledge to regain my mobility and get back to full strength. Everything was so professional. I could not be more thankful for Spectrum, Rachel, and my time spent training & rehabbing here over the past two years. It is a special place, and they truly do everything first-class!” –Sutton H

“I cannot thank Dr. Rachel enough for healing my low back pain. I saw multiple doctors and 3 other professionals (PT’s etc.) and tried countless “sciatica/low back pain” YouTube videos prior to seeing Dr. Rachel and was on my way to surgery according to some of the professionals I saw. Dr. Rachel diagnosed the problem and helped me correct my weaknesses with simple exercises and stretches. The difference with Dr. Rachel is that she is there with you for your entire appointment which allows her to take the time to diagnose and correct any weakness or poor form and she just knows what she’s doing. When I first saw Rachel I could not get in and out of the car or my bed without shooting pain. Now, I am back to my active self and feel like I have my life back. Thank you Dr. Rachel.” –AJ

“Hi my name is Ethan and I play baseball. I am committed to Tulane University where I will start my college career next year. This fall I had an upper back injury probably from a combination of lifting and hitting. I was struggling to twist, lift things above my head, and in general felt weak in the left side of my upper back. When I went to a doctor and they had me do several MRI’s of my cervical spine and shoulders and found no damage so it was assumed it was a muscular issue. I was sidelined from all activity for about a month until I started doing some neck and back strengthening exercises with Rachel. When I first came to Rachel I was pretty frustrated with my mobility. At first we struggled to find the problem area and I didn’t get much relief. Finally after about a week she diagnosed me with a serratus posterior superior issue. We targeted that area with cupping and several different soft tissue massage techniques and I got relief after about 3 weeks and was able to hit and lift again. My experience with Rachel was a great one. She is a fantastic physical therapist who focuses on relief while strengthening the hurt area. She did a really great job and I would highly recommend to everyone! ” –Ethan

“I have a slipped disc in my lower back. Discomfort and instability was a lingering problem. I was referred to Rachel by my personal trainer. On my first visit, she did a thorough full body assessment. Rachel and my trainer collaborated together and devised a treatment plan to treat my ailments. In addition to physical therapy, Rachel provided me with home exercises via email and videos on how to do them. She also shared her assessments after each visit with my trainer and exercises to incorporate in my workouts. Due to their joint effort, my lower back muscles are stronger, and my back discomfort is a rare occasion! I am very fortunate to be treated by a physical therapist that takes the time to work with others to make sure a client is successful in all aspects of their recovery! I appreciate everything you did for me and plan to recommend you to anyone I come across that would benefit from your excellent care! “
–Jenelle Y.

“Thank you for the testimonial @nicoleafbh “For several years, I have suffered from nearly debilitating headaches as well as from shoulder pain. I began treating with Dr. Rachel Jakubowski less than two months ago. For the first time in longer than I can remember, I have not had any headaches and have achieved better range of motion with my shoulder than I probably had as a kid. I have seen neurologists and orthopedists in the past for my headaches with no relief. It may sound excessive but in less than two months, Dr. Jakubowski has changed my life. Her knowledge and focus is top notch. I could not be more thankful to her and would encourage anyone who is having any type of physical issue to see her.”
–Nicole R

“I came into see Rachel at Spectrum because of a running injury .I had recently run a race and my hip was bothering me so much that I was limping. It affected all my everyday movements, even walking. Rachel’s diagnosis was hip bursitis, a common injury in runners due to weak hips. Her course of therapy for me would improve my hip strength as well as my mobility.

Over the next 7 weeks, Rachel guided me through physical therapy and I got progressively stronger. She gave me exercises to perform at home as well and provided detailed videos to ensure proper form. My mobility in day to day activities improved tremendously! I was slowly able to resume running again!

From my initial evaluation and throughout my therapy sessions, Rachel was very attentive to all my needs and questions and highly knowledgeable with her course of therapy for me. I felt confident she would have me back to marathon training soon! I returned to training in January and because of Rachel, I am now aware of what exercises I need to do as part of my ongoing training to remain injury free!”

“After 3 months of chronic pain on the outside and back of my knee, I sought out Rachel who assessed and diagnosed the problem as an inflamed IT band. She suggested 5, 20 minutes sessions where she used the scraping tool and cupping on my IT band. She also showed me a couple of exercises to address mobility and alignment issues. I had relief after the first session, and after the fifth one, I haven’t had any pain since. I am grateful to her for identifying and conservatively treating my problem!”

“Over a year ago, I went to Rachel Jakubowski because of my plantar fasciitis. I could barely walk and wanted to try this before going to a Ortho. She did a PT eval and through her therapies I was able to rid myself of it. She also worked on my back pain, shoulder pain, and general stiffness.
Her attention to detail, knowledge, and success exercises I could actually accomplish and follow up emails with videos are second to none!
In a nutshell, because of her, I can exercise! Now, I just go for a tune up here and there. I want to thank Rachel for this and recommend her for anyone feeling any aches and pains! Feel free to contact me if you have any questions!”

–Gil R.