A dedicated health and wellness professional, Ashley has experience in sport, corporate & private settings, with nutrition coaching and integrating wellness into an organizations culture and mission. Her passion is to teach individuals how to become accountable for the lifestyle actions that are chosen on a day-to-day basis, while still enjoying the celebrations that life brings. Ashley believes that everyone has his or her own path to follow with wellness, and strives to help those find success in that path.

Ashley graduated from Carroll University, located in Waukesha, WI with a Bachelor of Science in Public Health, emphasizing in Corporate Wellness and Sports Nutrition. After interning at Salus Corporate Wellness in 2012, Ashley took on the role of a Corporate Wellness Program Manager, where she designed, implemented and evaluated wellness programs, based on the organization’s culture and wellness needs. Ashley’s main clients were Milwaukee Electric Tool Headquarters and Wonderbox Technologies. She spent her time working with administration on increasing wellness program engagement and strategically implementing new ideas. With the employees themselves, she taught small group workouts, led Lunch n’ Learns, and designed recreational sport leagues to increase physical activity.

In 2014, Ashley moved to Orlando, FL and starting working for the Johnson & Johnson Human Performance Institute in Lake Nona. Under Johnson & Johnson’s Health and Wellness Division, the Human Performance Institute works with top level executives, leading them through a 2.5 day training on work/life balance, and energy management through the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual dimensions. Ashley worked under the Nutrition Subject Matter Expert and was instrumental in enhancing client experience through various nutrition projects. Also a Fitness Specialist, Ashley traveled domestically and internationally, leading sessions on how to move your body, to increase energy. International travel to Singapore, Shanghai, China and Frankfurt, Germany, exposed her to working with different cultures, and granting practice in adapting different social behaviors and norms.

Ashley also consults with Population Health Consultants, out of Bradenton, FL and Innovative Wellness Solutions, out of Pittsburgh, PA. Through working with Population Health Consultants, Ashley has had experience working with the executive sales team at Reeves Automotive in Tampa, on the topic of Stress Perception and Recovery, as well as Dallas 1 Construction, helping to increase the health and wellness of their employees.

Nationally certified as a personal trainer with the American College of Sports Medicine, and currently pursuing a Dietetics’ degree from the University of Northern Colorado, Ashley strives to create an opportunity through nutrition and movement, for individuals to learn, grow, and to become their best self.